Lancaster Skeptics is a small group of people in the Lancaster area that have decided to come together to arrange regular talks from interesting and challenging speakers. We have a range of particular interests, such as alternative healthcare, the paranormal, mispresentation of science in the media and politics. As such, we will invite people knowledgeable in these areas to discuss their work and ideas.

We will be arranging regular talks from scientists, psychologists, journalists and political figures. These will tend to be skeptical people, although we want to invite people from all sides of a discussion to the events themselves.

The main people currently involved are Miles Taylor (@pixie359), Alan Pinder (@alan_pinder), and Joel Mitchell (@le_joel). Although we seem to have it under control at the moment, if you want to help out, or think there is more we should be doing, get in touch through any of our contact channels.

We are currently considering a Drinking Skeptically meetup in addition to the talks. This would be a freeform social, where a bunch of people meet in the pub and, I imagine, argue like geeks.