Trystan Swale

Wednesday, March 14 2012 at 8:00PM

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1 St. Oswald Street

Trystan Swale

What's the talk about?

It was the practical joke that conned the world. Two pensioners began flattening shapes into fields of corn, giving rise to one of the greatest mysteries of the past century - crop circles. Almost 21 years on from their admittance of guilt, the legacy of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley's prank remains. Trystan Swale takes you inside the dubious science associated with the phenomenon; the poor research, abuse of statistics and outlandish conclusions. And he questions just why some specialist publications continue to get it wrong.


Trystan Swale is a contemporary folklorist, and between 2004 and 2009 was an active member of two paranormal investigation teams in southern England. From his experiences with these organisations he developed his own rationalist approach to investigating anomalous phenomena. This has led him headlong into scrutinising claims of ghosts, unidentified flying objects, poltergeists, winged humanoids and out of place animals. Since 2005 he has contributed to publications including ‘The Big Cats in Britain Year Book’ and ‘Haunted Swindon’. In 2009 Trystan created the popular Righteous Indignation podcast to explore claims of the paranormal from a critical perspective. Trystan has also spoken at a range of events including 2011′s Seriously Strange conference, Cheltenham and Swindon paranormal festivals, Edinburgh Free Fringe, numerous Skeptics in the Pub meetings and QED Conference 2011.